Facebook and Instagram to Scrap Accounts of Underage Children

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In view of the online abuse meted out to the underage children and kids, Facebook and Instagram are now aiming to take a more proactive action. For the same reason, there appear to be clear instructions to the moderators, who are being asked to lock down accounts of the underage kids.

Until now, the underage account was only locked, when reported. However, now, the rules have made stricter and this certainly seems to be a change in policy for the moderators and reviewers. With the rules in place, the emphasis is more towards closing the accounts of underage users, even if they are reported for some other reasons that include objectionable and pornographic content.

From now onwards, Facebook will ask the users to provide valid proof of their age being more than 13. As such, the users might have to produce documents, such as any government-issued photo ID, in order to regain their respective blocked accounts.


What Prompted Facebook and Instagram to take this tough Stance?

By now, you must be wondering what’s going on with Facebook and Instagram? To some, it may look too intrusive. But, like all things going wrong with Facebook at the moment, there is a reason.

It all started with a documentary aired on UK’s Channel 4. An undercover journalist posed as a content reviewer on Facebook, by making use of a third-party firm called CPL Resources, based in Dublin.  As per the reports emerging, one of the reviewers was instructed to overlook the age factor, especially those who were under 13. This caused a massive stir and  Facebook had to come to clean out from the mess.

Apparently, the first reaction to the news was to come up with a policy that makes anyone below 13 ineligible. Facebook, in a recent blog post, clearly stated: “ we’ve been working to update the guidance for reviewers to put a hold on any account they encounter if they have got a strong indication it is underage, even if is reported for something else.”


Can You Expect Anything New?

A Facebook spokesperson did confirm that the change is oriented towards training the reviewers on how to enforce the age policy. It is consistent with Facebook and Instagram and one should not expect any broader changes.

Under the U.S. Child Online Privacy Act, Facebook has to seek parental consent to collect data about children. Hence, the social networking giant does not permit users under 13 to create an account.

Going by the looks of it, the change in policy means taking strong action, whereby a sizable number of users are likely to have their account terminated. This will also mean a drastic decrease in the number of users, who were getting ready to become more involved with the social network.

From the security perspective, this indeed bodes well, as the underage children are less inclined to be trapped by pedophiles, who are always prowling online to nab unsuspecting victims, for their own vested interests.

Other than the strict reforms being undertaken, it doesn’t appear there is anything new being implanted.


How Is The Policy Change Going to Impact Facebook and Instagram?

Apart from introducing mechanisms that are designed to protect the interest of the underage users, the objective is also geared towards stopping misinformation and fake news. The movie will indeed have a negative impact, with Facebook and Instagram losing a great deal of revenue. But in the long run, it aims to protect the interest of the underage users, who are prone to negative exposure.

If Facebook wants to fix the issue of underage signing, then it needs to start by offering the users with something exceptional. For instance, TechCrunch suggests if the social network wants to resolve the issue, it is necessary for the company to offer a consequence-free method so that the users can make corrections on their age.



To expect underage users come clean about their age, those who want to have their own Facebook or Instagram account is almost a foregone conclusion. Repressing or locking the account of users will not really make things good. It is for Facebook to decide what it wants to achieve, especially in these tumultuous times.

Hence, the onus in on Facebook to make a distinction between what it wants to do and how far it is willing to buckle down to accommodate everyone and address the present day concerns.


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