Facebook or Facebook Lite – Which App You Consider The Best

Facebook Lite vs Facebook

Are you lucky enough to get the best speed in terms of internet data on your smartphone device having 3 or 4 GB RAM?

If you’re, then it’s fine but everyone is not lucky enough…

Not every person is using the 4G data connection on their phone and this is the only reason they are not able to use significant apps that are required for daily use. Most prominent amongst these is Facebook App. But it is not possible to use the same on a low-end featured phone device with 1GB or 2GB RAM.

In order to avoid discrimination and make every person, use the vital applications, tech giants have incepted a plan of developing a lite version of the same. Facebook Lite is also in the race amongst other social networking sites like Linkedin and Twitter, having developed the Lite version of the main App and messenger in the year 2015 itself.

“ In the beginning stage, Facebook Lite App usage was confined to third-world countries but now it’s completely accessible in all major countries like United States, France, and Britain. But it is only compatible with Android device as iOs users cannot use it.”


Let’s Find Out What Actually Made Facebook Lite More Popular Than The Original FB App.

  • App Size and Battery Usage: Facebook App size plays a vital role when it comes to comparing Lite and Facebook App. While the FB original Android/iOs app takes 58-60 MB space, the Lite version consumes only 2MB. Isn’t that surprising? Well, it takes an upper hand in terms of space being taken to install the FB Lite App.



  • 2MB App consumes minimal space on device
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Works perfectly on Low RAM phones
  • Gets updated to the latest version easily
  • Low Battery Consumption
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Right from the app icons, the interface of Facebook App and FB Lite is completely different. As the former is blue in color, the latter is indicated with the white icon with the name Lite mentioned in the launcher.


Wanna know Why Facebook Lite Interface is more Appealing?

  • Consists of smaller texts and icon
  • No animations, heavy graphics and fancy stuff available
  • No fancy kind of stuff can be used on Facebook Lite
  • Data Usage: As if your phone has low RAM, do not worry as Facebook Lite works better on the poor internet connection as well. Here are certain points that can justify the statement


  1. 2G network is something with which, the FB Lite Apps perform smoothly and eventually inhibit App data usage.
  2. The background application does not run unnecessarily using the Lite App.
  3. Only audio call can be made using Facebook Lite as there are many other Apps like Google Duo or WhatsApp available online to perform video chat.
  4. Images are not displayed on Facebook Lite as if it is not required. Other than this, it stops all other actions that are consuming data.
  5. Data usage monitor in Facebook Lite help in knowing and monitoring the data usage within 30 days or so.


  • App Performance with Speed Check: As Lite is a stripped version of the standard Facebook App, it loads faster than the standard Facebook App. The reason being there is no animated graphics or emojis encapsulated in the Facebook Lite that works for messaging purpose only unlike standard app.


Here are the certain attributes that make the App performance more efficient:


  1. Tasks are completed in quick time using Lite App as each action is a new instance
  2. The things pop up immediately whenever you tap something.
  3. The loading speed is humongous as images are blocked automatically due to low bandwidth access.


  • Auto Refresh: Due to slow transition, Facebook does not support auto-load or auto-refresh feature. You’ll not be able to get a glimpse of the news feed on Lite App as compared to the standard version.
  • Integrated Facebook Messenger: Using Lite App, you’ll never be asked to install messenger as this feature is in-built, unlike standard Facebook App that can help you communicate with friends and make voice calls if necessary.However standard messenger app takes the edge when it comes to making video call which is not possible in Lite App due to the slow internet connection.
  • Best use of Emoji: Using Emoji is not applicable to Facebook Lite as the slow internet connection does not support this feature. However, you can use stickers herein to make the conversation more interactive.



Let’s Not Forget to Discuss Facebook Messenger Lite

Since the inception, Messenger Lite is significantly been used and its ample proof is 1.3 billion active users, who access it on their Android device. Being completely lighter, it never gives a sluggish performance that is experienced at times, using the fully-loaded Facebook Messenger App.

This Facebook Messenger Lite App has limited features as compared to the original one that offers support for Gifs, animated emojis, stories, instant games, and Bot stores. With alternate that has come up in the form of messenger lite, things have become quite convenient for users.

Though this stripped down version contains basic features only, but users having featured/multimedia phone or smartphone device with low RAM configuration and sluggish internet speed, will definitely be happier using this app.



Using Facebook Lite App is quite beneficial in all sense as if you’re aiming to use it for performing simple tasks. All the tasks can be completed in minutes as the app is not overloaded with bulk functionalities.

As if you are staying in a remote area using multimedia phone device with slow internet connection, Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite can be the best option for you to check the updates when you tap the icon on Android device for task accomplishment.


Wrapping up the Things

Though using Facebook Lite and Lite Messenger is not a big deal as you can access the help center to know more about the functionalities. Though server downtime or some other technical flaws may halt you one or the other day, try not to take anxieties and wait for sometime to thing get normal in the absence of the Facebook live chat support which could have resolved your issues in a much better way.

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