5 Easy & Simple Tips to Fix Common Brother Printer Related Problems


Technology is meant to reduce human effort and sometimes over-reliance can have a damaging impact. Instead of saving precious time and offering convenience, technical glitches in systems that you make use of often limits your capability.

Printing snags are quite common and are very much annoying. So, with your Brother printer not responding to your commands, it usually means dealing with a long list of issues, which puts you in a fairly difficult situation.

Brother Printers are designed to withstand harsh working environments and are quite capable machines, known more for their durability. However, the malfunctions that generally come up are somewhat tough to avoid. The reasons for the trouble that you encounter may vary. At times, you can lay the blame on software/ hardware and in some instances, just by making a few adjustments in the settings, you can resolve the issue.

Nevertheless, your current objective should be to look for a meaningful solution that will help you to fix the common Brother printer related problems.


How to Fix Brother Printer Issues?

To get the right fix, you have to start from the basics. There is no straightforward way out. Instead, you must have a proper understanding of the problems, which will then give you a basic idea of what needs to be done.

Herein are the top five printer snags along with the remedies that goes a long way to help you fix the issues, without creating much of a fuss.


Brother printer won’t print:

This is a typical printer problem and you stand to easily get the same fixed, provided you act with some patience. In such a scenario, look for any error messages, before getting started. Make sure that your printer is properly connected to the internet. In addition to these, ensure that the driver and software on your Brother printer should be properly installed. If possible, you might also need to re-install the driver, in case it gets corrupted.

For those who may find the process somewhat complicated, they can seek the help of an expert.


Ink smudges when printing:

Are you finding ink smudges when printing? This is something that stems from when you are not changing or cleaning the copier toner. Cleaning or changing the toner is not necessarily a complicated procedure. In fact, by reading the user manual, you will find the possible answer. Other than these, you can also make an effort to clean the platen glass and the paper feed roller.


Having Issue with Printing from Mobile Device:

Brother printer happens to be laced with an innovative feature. One such mechanism is truly exceptional. The printer gives you the ability to print  from your mobile device.

In the event, where you are not in a position to utilize this facility, make sure to check if your smartphone is properly connected to the printer or not. Given the scenario, it appears your printer might also need proper clearance.

See that everything is properly aligned and once you have evaluated all the systems, you are almost, good to go.


Fixing Paper Jam in Printer:

The issue of paper jam in Brother printer is something that you can easily deal with. Your first task would be to locate and remove any paper that happens to get stuck in the loading tray.

  • Remove any loose from the loading tray.
  • Now, press the resume button on the front of your printer.
  • See and remove any stuck paper one sheet at a time.
  • You must also look for any remaining bits of paper.


To avoid any such issue in the future, see to that that your paper remains moist free. If possible, use papers that go with your Brother printer.


Trouble with Bad Looking Prints:

Despite your Brother printer working perfectly, the final print is always something that you happen to despise. In the case of bad looking prints, you must check if the printer driver is properly functioning or not. Also, try adjusting the fuser manually. In doing so, you will get a chance to fix the issue, without having to face any major obstacle.


Is Brother Printer Really a Good Choice?

Under the prevailing circumstances, Brother printer comes loaded with features that are ergonomically packaged to suit the present day sensibilities. The printer has a “ no- nonsense” kind of attitude, which makes it a viable choice. There is less amount of wear and tear and the usual issues can be easily fixed in no time.


Final Thoughts

Trying to resolve the Brother printer issues is not necessarily a tall task. However, it is important for you to understand the issues that happen to plague you at the moment. With a definite understanding of the common problems, you will get a decent chance to troubleshoot the problems in a Brother printer that perfectly suits your circumstances.

For a more precise solution, you can get in touch with the Brother printer support team. This is one such opportunity, wherein you have a good chance of overcoming the various printer related obstacles with systematic ease. The support team can be reached at any point in time and seems to be a nice option, especially when you find the going a bit tough.

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